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This 21 day plan starts on Sunday 25th July. It is designed specifically for busy women looking to eat themselves fit and healthy so they can feel fabulous this summer. Holidays can be a tricky time to balance with lots of temptation and less routine. I'm here to guide you towards establishing a lighter, more vibrant, energised version of yourself, by eating delicious, fun, non-diet food! You'll learn how to balance your blood sugar levels and regulate your hormones so you experience less cravings and more control. Maybe you have picked up some unhealthy habits during lockdown and you want to establish a healthier more supportive routine so you have more energy, lose additional lockdown weight and feel more in control of your wellness.

- A tried & tested plan that works 

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes in a flexible meal plan

- Start & end phone consultation (to ensure we meet your goals)

- Daily group coaching

- Weekly Q & A's with a qualified nutritionist

- Organisational tools to keep you on track If you are ready to step into a healthier, more energised, refreshed and happier version of yourself.


I am 100% ready to help you get there. Previous ladies in my last workshop: lost weight, increased their energy, felt sharper & more on the ball, reduced stress by freeing up time through my organisational tools & are now feeling more confident and happier in their own skin. Let YOUR success story be the one I talk about next! If you want to speak to ladies who have taken part in one of my 21 day plans feel free to post a question in the Local Ladies Facebook group as I'm sure they would love to share their experience with you.

This is YOU set for the WHOLE year valued at £618.99